Portside East Masterplan

Portside East Masterplan

Portside Wharf is an urban community that encompasses a unique, eclectic mix of uses, including a world-class cruise terminal, waterfront dining, speciality and convenience shopping and residential apartments. Located five kilometres from the CBD, the precinct is the catalyst for the consolidation of change in the ongoing development of Brisbane’s riverfront corridor.

Comprising 5 residential towers with various ground floor and podium uses, the Portside Wharf Masterplan is the culmination of a long design relationship between ourselves, our client, and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). Developed over a decade, the masterplan for the Wharf has seen extensive optioneering, staging and access planning to deliver a cohesive precinct development.

Residential towers of 17-20 storeys in height address the wharf and herald the entrance to the former cruise terminal precinct. This height is counterbalanced by using smaller footprints and a slender built form as the development steps away from the wharf.

General site transparency enhances the public realm, open space, and pedestrian and bicycle connections to the river and new pocket park. A strong sense of local identity is maintained to recognise historic maritime uses and protect streetscapes, landmarks and vistas.

Working within the framework of EDQ’s masterplan, a hierarchy of pedestrian and road networks is maintained, which often encircles a tower’s footprint. Our Portside East Masterplan addresses challenge of servicing these buildings while still prioritising pedestrian movement. Redefining the ground plane as a pedestrian space, a strong connection link is created between the already developed Portside West and the new Portside East development.

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