Garden House

Garden House

A polished aesthetic shaped by remnants of the local industrial era.

Garden House sits in contrast with its neighbouring industrial setting of Waterloo, residing on the fridges of Greens Square. Our design leans on the character of an overgrown industrial building but with a manicured architectural language, creating a contemporary development that speaks to Waterloo’s heritage.

The urban renewal project establishes a “vertical village”, complete with an entry gateway, town square, legible pedestrian network, neighbourhoods, courtyards, plantings and bridges to front doors. Most importantly each apartment creates a purposeful “villa” entry.

Our design privileges green space, with planters integrated into the unique open stairwell and bridging system. As a flow on of the design outcome, 100% of units receive cross ventilation – every apartment has a back and a front for airflow increasing the liveability and enhancing the resident experience. Working within the existing site also meant repurposing the existing basement and reducing the cost of the development.

The constraint of a 22-metre height limit is used to its advantage; the buildings are oriented to enable sunlight to permeate pockets of parkland at street level. Planting is recessed into the base of buildings, shrouding it in living greenery. Residents can take delight in the journey through the development to their apartment door and prolong the experience of wandering through Greens Square.

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