Jewish Care

Project Description:

Jewish Care is a non-profit organisation. Located at the junction of Saber and Newland Streets in Woolahra, this three-storey building is designed to consolidate all its operation under one roof with facilities to service the wider community. The design is contemporary in nature, with massing, form, proportions, materials and finished, complementing as well as making reference to the more traditional surrounding development. The combination of residential, retail and commercial uses in the surrounding areas gives the precinct a more urban character. The building has responded to this by providing a transitional balance between the low density residential developments to the north and the high density residential and commercial developments of Bondi Junction. Jewish Care logo, the orange hand was also the inspiration of a fundraising drive and became an installation artwork known as the “Wall of Hands”.

Best Public Building – Property Council National Finalist 2014

Project Details:

  • Project: Jewish Care
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Woolahra, Sydney Australia
  • Client: Jewish Care
  • Project Contact: Martin Timms
  • Phone: +61 2 9366 1133

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