Susanne Macdonald

Susanne Macdonald



  • Brisbane

Susanne has been an integral part of Cottee Parker Architects for over 10 years, where she has grown her expertise and honed her ability to deliver commercially-viable design outcomes. Working on projects of all scopes and sizes, Susanne is a crucial member of the design team at all stages of a project.

With experience on a number of large-scale projects – such as the notable Queen’s Wharf in Brisbane – Susanne is well-equipped to deliver creative design solutions that meet the requirements of all project stakeholders. Enjoying a collaborative approach to design, Susanne works together with clients, stakeholders and consultants in order to deliver the best outcome for the project.

Striving to continue working on large-scale projects that have the potential to shape the future of cities, Susanne enjoys the challenge of taking complex problems and providing creative solutions. This approach to design helps her adapt and respond to the current design trends and continually exceed client expectations.

As a highly-experienced professional, Susanne has a keen interest for multi-residential projects where she uses her expertise to assist in both the design and delivery phases. Her ability to consider the end-user ensures that she is creating spaces that bring an element of humanity to the built-environment.