Sandra Browne

Sandra Browne



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  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast

With over 30 years experience, Sandra specialises in delivering thoughtfully designed commercial, multi-residential and masterplanning projects. Starting her career in Britain, Sandra has a wealth of knowledge that allows her to deliver projects that are considered from both a design and business perspective.

Sandra’s approach to design is centered on collaboration, where she works closely with all project stakeholders to deliver innovative designs that capitalise on new trends. With a focus on innovation, Sandra delivers her designs with the end-user in mind, creating spaces that will be enjoyed by the community.

Her extensive experience in masterplanning has seen Sandra deliver notable projects that have a profound effect on how end-users interact with the space. She has a natural ability to activate spaces and transform them into thriving communities.

Through collaborating with all project stakeholders at every stage of a project, Sandra enjoys working with the specific opportunities and constraints that come with new developments. This allows her to solve complex problems and create designs that both harness the opportunities presented while mitigating any constraints.

Passionate about improving the wellbeing of people through thoughtful design, Sandra is driven by the effect that the built environment can have on people mentally and physically. From this, she strives to contribute designs to the built environment that create positive outcomes for both the developer and the public.