Naveen Dath

Naveen Dath



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  • Brisbane
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As an experienced Architect with 25 years of experience both across Australia and internationally, Naveen is a director that combines his passion for design with his understanding of large-scale projects to produce high-quality and innovative designs.

With such extensive experience – on large-scale projects like the Bahrain World Trade Centre towers in his portfolio – Naveen enjoys collaborating with a multitude of project stakeholders to deliver commercially-viable, innovative, and environmentally-driven design solutions. He has an innate ability to understand a project brief and successfully manages the complexities and challenges accompanying large projects.

Approaching design from a perspective of making the built environment the best it can be for end-users; Naveen is passionate about creating projects that respond to their local context and transform the location into one that will continue to thrive into the future. This can be seen through his involvement in the notable Queen’s Wharf project, where Naveen has the opportunity to influence and shape Brisbane into a ‘New World City’.

Driven to continue innovating and exploring new design techniques, Naveen pushes himself to exceed client expectations consistently. This flows into his passion for fostering and growing a healthy design culture across all Cottee Parker’s offices. Under Naveen’s guidance, his team is compelled to deliver sustainable, innovative, and unique design solutions for all clients.