Francis Greenman

Francis Greenman

Studio Leader


  • Gold Coast

Francis began her career in Johannesburg before coming to Australia. She has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for almost twenty years. She has extensive and diverse experience in a range of sectors and roles.

Francis manages the Cottee Parker team on the Gold Coast, overseeing and administering a range of projects including substantial multi residential towers. Her goal is to manage a team that delivers high quality projects in an efficient and collaborative manner. Francis understands that effective communication is essential. Establishing a clear understanding of client needs and aspirations is crucial to the delivery of successful projects. She ensures that her team understands and meets the expectations of the client, and that collaborative relationships and open channels of communication are initiated from the outset. She sees clarity of communication, attention to detail and rigour as the keys to delivering quality outcomes that address client briefs creatively and appropriately.

Francis is passionate about great design and is interested in the refinement and the quality of the details that go with great design. In her leadership role, she ensures that her team keeps these goals front and centre throughout the delivery of their projects. Francis ensures that project leaders continually review their work product to ensure that the quality and the aspirations communicated by the client at the outset are met.