Derek Entesano

Derek Entesano



  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Auckland

Beginning his career with Cottee Parker Architects in 2002, Derek consistently works to keep our practice at the forefront of in-house architectural presentation. With a keen interest in 3D CAD Modelling and presentation, Derek’s expertise helps clients visualise their projects and create stunning marketing imagery.

Having worked on a number of large-scale projects throughout the office, hotel and multi-residential sectors, Derek has developed various presentation styles that utilise the latest trends and technologies. By using the most powerful and cutting-edge technology, Derek seamlessly integrates his visualisation processes into the overall project design phase.

Derek’s passion for visualisation was grown from his fascination with the built-environment, and how technology allows end-users to experience a project before it is built. This passion drives him to continually innovate and look at new technologies – like Virtual Reality – in an effort to continue delivering imagery that helps clients meet their desired commercial outcomes.

Creating Cottee Parker Architects Presentation Unit, Derek’s work ensures that we can offer holistic design solutions that cover all stages of a project – right through to project marketing and sales imagery. By collaborating with project stakeholders and his internal team, Derek is constantly exploring ways to use visualisation to create images that evoke an emotional response from potential end-users.