COVID-19 Our Promise for continuity

7th April 2020

We know these are trying times for all of us, but we are absolutely committed to keeping our services going. Working from home has become the new normal for our architects, designers and operations staff. We are still open and we’re still here for you.  

Technology is a great facilitator and we’re fortunate to have made recent investments in tools such as Microsoft Teams, Citrix and Bluebeam. that have made this process easier. We have built resilience into our operations, supported by our investments in cloud based technology, which gives us a unique capacity for effective work, remote from our usual locations.

As we each play our part in stopping the spread, we’re reviewing our situation daily and will keep you updated. The one thing we can all do is help each other, whether it be our community of staff, family or friends. From our family to yours, stay safe. Keep your spirits high and your hands clean. We can beat this, together.

You can reach us on the main office phone line or contact our people directly, via mobile or email, as usual. If you have any concerns or require further clarity about working arrangements, please be in touch.

Tel: 61 7 3846 7422

Tel: 61 3 9654 2264

Tel: 61 2 9366 1133

Tel: 61 8 6112 0100