Work With Us

Work With Us

Grow professionally with Cottee Parker Architects. We invest in people with diverse skills, experience and knowledge and we prize long term, happy and productive working teams.

The Queens Wharf Brisbane (QWB) preferred developer status announcement will see the practice build a specialist team to design and deliver the project.

We expect that the project will be staged with a delivery timeframe over 3 – 5 years.

QWB team members will have the opportunity to work on and contribute to a project that will have global significance placing Brisbane and the team on the world stage.

On a project of this scale and importance, there will be times when deadlines are short and pressure intense. Despite these expected workloads, we will seek to provide all team members with an appropriate work/life balance. As a practice we know and understand that all of us have commitments outside of work. Many of our current team have arrangements in place that help them better manage the delivery of project outcomes with their lives outside of work. We will consider flexible working arrangements as and when they are presented to us. A need for flexible working conditions should not discourage you from expressing your interest in working on the team.

We expect that between now and the end of the year we will identify and build the core team of designers and documenters with numbers peaking as the construction documentation roles out as the stages progress.

The roles that we will be looking to fill include:

  • Project architects
  • Design architects
  • 3D CAD technicians

We will be delivering the project on ArchiCAD as we believe that this is the best drafting platform in an architectural context. We do realise that there are many potential team members with the level of architectural and drafting skills that we will need on the project who may have little or no exposure to this platform. We have a strategy in place to allow us to recruit these people and provide training to allow them to convert from their “native” drafting platform to ArchiCAD. All team members involved in drafting will be fully trained in our CAD standards. This will include full conversion training to use ArchiCAD where needed. Further, we expect that we will be completing coordination and integration of all consultant drawings into a single virtual model.

We expect that many of the people who will become part of the QWB team will leave current roles to be part of this exciting project. You should feel comfortable that all expressions of interest in QWB roles will be treated with absolute discretion. Your current employer will not hear “on the grapevine” that you have applied for a role with us. Your privacy is assured.

While we appreciate that there will be the temptation to call or send emails to see how your expression of interest is progressing, we ask that you follow Cottee Parker Architects on LinkedIn and Twitter where we will post regular updates.

The recruitment process is now underway.

We ask that you visit our LinkedIn page where you can upload your CV. Expressions of interest for roles without an updated CV included will not be processed. Please note that there is no need to provide your portfolio, we will ask you to bring this along if you progress through to the interview stage.


  • Project Architects - ArchiCAD experience
  • Senior Architectural Technicians